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Can my watch be repaired?  Are parts available?  How much might it cost?                   

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ATTENTION: If you believe your watch may need service, in addition to a new part(s), you may wish to submit our 'free' watch repair estimate form - CLICK HERE

Please be advised that we only sell parts when they are installed on your watch by us.  YOU MUST LIVE IN THE USA TO USE THIS SERVICE.  Your part inquiry will result in one of the following responses:

1. A request for you to provide more detailed information.

2. A "ball-park" estimate, which is a non-binding "best guess" of the availability and cost to install the part on your watch.

3. A request for you to send the watch for a formal evaluation (a firm repair quote).

After submitting this form (by clicking on the secure submit below) you MAY Receive a response, usually within 72 hours; however, some part inquiries may require more time.  please understand that we reserve the right not to respond to some inquiries which lack necessary information or are requesting services that we are unable to provide.  Thank you for your cooperation & understanding.

NOTICE: If your watch is older than 25 years, you must send it in for us to be able to quote a price on a part.

LEGAL NOTICE: THIS FORM IS NOT A BINDING SERVICE CONTRACT & WE ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO RESPOND TO YOUR INQUIRY.  we do not respond to requests from individuals who live outside of the usa.  THIS IS A FREE SERVICE TO ASSIST YOU, WHEN POSSIBLE, IN GAINING MORE INFORMATION ON THE POTENTIAL TO SERVICE YOUR WATCH.  Entering false or misleading information about your identity in any of the above fields may constitute a crime under The Identity Theft & Assumption Deterrence Act.
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